In a country as colorful, diverse, and culturally rich as India, you’d find variety in almost everything! Yes, literally everything, right from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear! When it comes to clothes, or fabrics, there’s hardly a country in the world that’s as rich and varied. Every state in the country has something or the other different and exquisite to offer!

We, at Bombay Looms, connect the entire country through fabrics. As one of India’s largest online fabric store, we make  many  unique fabrics from different parts of the country to the entire world!

Bombay Looms, what is now one of India’s largest online fabric stores, has an interesting story to share.

Back then, in 2017 when Bombay Looms was established, the concept of online stores, online platforms, and that too the ones selling online fabric selling, was nascent. It had just started to grow, albeit at a slower pace.

We, at Bombay Looms, envisioned the growth for e-commerce, and then hit the road to success with a strong conviction about the future, coupled up with a clear objective of taking Indian fabrics to the remotest areas of the country, and to every consumer who’d be looking for it.

As they say, a sapling, if nurtured and watered well, eventually grows into a large tree, and that’s exactly what happened in our case. A humble beginning, with the then latest virtual infrastructure, limited associates, and a limited team-size, helped us grow into one of the largest online fabrics stores of the country.

With a very limited product range back then, we’ve now expanded to be known as a full-fledged online fabric store with widespread associates, suppliers, and moreover, a broad array of products, right from designer jewelry, and Dupattas, to a variety of cotton fabrics.

At Bombay Looms, besides the product range, we pay special attention towards consumer experience, and therefore, have integrated the best and most secure payment gateway, a prompt worldwide delivery system, along with lucrative offers on every product that we facilitate.

We are still going strong, and would continue to do so in the years!

So, if you are fabric lover, and looking out for some authentic Indian fabrics online, come to Bombay Looms would never let you down!