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Trends to Watch: Fabric & Fashion Trends for Winter 2019

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In the world of Fashion, variety is a combined concept of colour and material, tending to take the front seat. As far as winter is concerned, exposing skin is not desirable owing to climatic conditions. But there is a general misconception that too much of clothing might ruin the sense of fashion. Hence, in this year’s winter collection, the fashion trend presents itself to smash that perception. Winter clothes this year, are to be modelled with a purpose turning heads. The following are the types of clothing that are bound to plague the wardrobes of people this winter.


Overcoats of moderate hues are to reach this winter’s markets. This method of dressing cosily not only fulfils the purpose of battling the chillness of the climate but also makes you look comfortable and confident. The footprints of previous year’s fashion trends can be witnessed this year also. So, this winter people can be expected to flaunt their winter wears as in catwalk.


 Clothes upon clothes are not to be fussed upon anymore. Cardigans stand out for cosiness and glamour. A sundarium or a kremer goes well with the materials such as wool, poly-blend, alpaca and cashmere. Crocheted patterns usually of tiny floral blossoms with minimal spacing tend to suit better.


Pajamas border on comfort and fashion and they are certainly not to be categorised only under nightwear. They exude elegance when paired up with smouldering leather jackets, silhouetting one’s figure. This winter, let us bear witness to the curativeness of pajamas in the fashion markets this winter.

Cowgirl Fashion:

Gone may be the days of droving, but the attire hasn’t left fashion. This sense of dressing not only exudes masculine sensuality, but also keeps one in the loop with fashion. The attire remains incomplete with a customary leather hat, pointy boots with a sleek belt and a smoking jacket.


This costume is not exclusive to weddings. With just the right amount of style, it seems simple, but gracious. The prints are usually floral and are of various styles and sizes. They are available at full and mini lengths in dresses and in skirts as well.


While frills seem like extravagance, when witnessed with the union of silhouettes, they are dashing, sensual and classy. They tend to perfectly cater to the needs of a party wear. This winter, a long array of frills on sleeves and centre are to be anticipated. Bright hues are preferred over dull ones.

Leopard Prints:

These mighty feline prints proves one’s prowess in style. This trend is rampant among the Royals. The animal prints this winter have hiked up 45%. Leopard prints are soon to become the new icon of fashion. Leopard prints while standing out for their rosettes, tend to team up well with flats and neutral accessories to create a melange of wilderness and beauty.

Flowing Gowns:

apparels work for formal, festive and casual occasions. They are quite convenient to wear and they create a leisurely aura. The desired material is usually chiffon. Flowing materials have varied designs from sleeveless to halter-tops. They usually have printed floral patterns of larger size in bright colours.



This garment is an integral part of conventional winter wears. This fashion trend is sure to make a hit with its chic style. It is desirable and trendy and comes in mild hues such as dull rose, cherry and lemon. Over-sized pull overs with a cropped style of scarf-like necklines seem to be on trend as well.


 This winter try being Dr. Strange with your own cape. Usually, capes are attached with regular garbs to make them look stand-offish. This majestic look could get you a dramatic entry and turn quite a few heads as well. Embroidered gold hues in capes are eye-catchy and the conventional black is still looked upon. Heels, pencil skirts, half-blazers and mild jewellery go well with capes.


Fringes ride the fashion with every possible piece of clothing, be it a blouse, pants or a skirt. Fringes sync with all sorts of material which makes them even more desirable. Fringes are preferred in bright hues to make them more obvious.

Fake Furs:

Fake fur is in no way lesser than real fur, for the comfort is uncompromised. Also, it is wildlife friendly. Fake fur also is economically affordable than real fur. It can be worn with casual jeans; boots and thick ones exude an Eskimo look.


 Black and White make a dramatic comeback in checks and they are welcomed warmly for this year’s winter. Checks give an official look and hence they are mostly associated with formal wear. They look great with flat leather footwear and pointed shoes

Work wear:.

Be it a blue collar or a white collar, working class would find this garment suitable. It ranges from vibrant orange to a dull shade. One would not feel left out in a construction site, thanks to this dress. Reflective safety strips are an added benefit. They go fine with work boots made of plastic.







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