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Hot Trends in Textile : Cotton Fabrics

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Summer is here, and it is unbearably hot. In this season, no matter what you wear, it sticks to your body. If by chance, you choose to wear clothes that make you cooler like that old oversized t-shirt, the fashionistas in your friends' circle will put out a red alert and admonish you. To prevent you from making fashion blunders and to make summer a bit bearable, we have here nine tips that will beat the heat:


#1 Loose clothes are the best

The humid weather is sticky enough, without having to wear figure hugging clothing. While you may be tempted to do so, for the sake of your body, stick with loose clothing. Fit clothes can cause rashes on your body and increase the overall heat and temperature. Whereas, loose ones will let the air in and make you feel cooler during the summers.

This summer, invest in straight pants in Ikat prints or wear cotton or cotton blend front split kurti to look stylish while saving some sweat. However, if you prefer western style, take out the flowy tops out of your closet and pair them with a pair of shorts.


#2 Light over dark

This one is obvious and an age-old trick. Even 8th standard science textbooks suggest you avoid dark colors during the summer season. Not only do light-colored clothing give you relief from the heat through absorption of heat, but they let you go in tandem with the season's trends.

Moreover, wearing light colors can reduce rashes and sweat throughout the season. Therefore, wear all the plain whites and pastels this season and pair them with some printed Ikat or Kalamkari, to hit it off with the summer vibe.


#3 Breathable fabrics

 You can wear all the right colors and types of clothing this summer. However, without choosing a suitable material, there is no use. Humidity and heat call for fabrics with higher thread count, as they have a narrower weave and are breathable. Therefore, fabrics like cotton, chambray, Linen, Khadi are some of the best that you can use this summer.

Take out all the linen shirts and the south cotton sarees this season and be comfortably stylish. Or you could go, Rayon, if you want a glossier finish to your clothing. Try out floral print Rayon tunics or dresses with denim shorts to give the summer pop to your style while being comfortable.


#4 Embellishments are a no-no

Printed clothing is cool, but thread-work is a no. Embroideries and tassel-like ornaments on dresses take the summer heat up by a notch. Additionally, they stick to your body like plastic cling wrap and weight the dress down.

Along with embellishments, delicate clothing that have tend to stick to your body is something to avoid. For they will worsen summer for you. Instead, try wearing light fabrics that have a form and have a pattern in them to ensure the style quotient.


#5 Unlined clothing

 Wearing clothes with no lining is a no-brainer, akin to layering, in the summers. Not only are they another layer sticking to your body and inhibiting airflow, but they are also, often, synthetic, causing unwanted rashes and heat. Unlined clothing will be lighter, and hence, will flow around giving a summery vibe to your outfit.

If you don't want to wear sheer clothing, look for dresses in a cotton blend or rayon materials, they make your body cooler while saving your modesty. Additionally, you can choose to wear handloom or Ikat work Kurtis and tops and look fashionable while avoiding sheers.


#6 Earthy tones

Earthy colors like brown complement any summer shade. Be it white or pastels, a brown bag or jewelry will never go wrong. Although they are on the darker side, their lighter shades can, still, give you the airy feeling. If you love your dark colors, however, earthy tones are the way to go, as they don't absorb too much heat.

If you don't have multiple bags to choose from, but still wish to look trendy this summer, go with an earthy toned bag. They match all of your dresses as you kill the seasonal look.


#7 Moderate length sleeves

Winters call for full sleeves, whereas summers are for smalls or medium-length ones. The former can stick to your body and make movement inconvenient, while the latter gives you a little relief from the heat. You may be tempted to go sleeveless in the humidity, but if you don't want UV rays to destroy the skin on your shoulders, go for small sleeves.

To get the most of sleeves this season, go for loose ones like Bell and straight patterns. However, if loose ones are not your thing, go for cotton fabrics that will give more airflow, while keeping the length short.


#8 Hair up

Who doesn't love open hair, as the wind blows into the strands? But, summer will make all of them stick to your neck and worsen the heat. The best way to tackle the stickiness and humidity is to put your hair up with clips and scrunchies into buns.


#9 Minimal accessories

During summers, you don't want anything on your neck. It gets sticky and itchy, and you end up with rashes. If you wear light ones, they stick, and the heavy ones will make you stuffy. Therefore, to ensure that you have a breathy summer, wear little to no jewelry with your outfits. Not only will you have a natural look that complements the season, but you will also feel cooler.

Summer is a season where people find it hard to find something to wear. For any dress you wear will stick to your skin, and you feel like wearing nothing. However, the tips above can make lives and summer easier for those who have to wear clothes for work or social gathering. Armed with these secrets, you don't have to hate summers anymore and can enjoy the season as much as the winters.


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