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How to wear: Ikat Fabrics

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Ikat is the latest trend in town, folks. Indigenous to India, this fabric is unique. What makes it one of a kind, you ask? The dye-tie technology, of course. Unlike any other fabric, Ikat is made from yarn that has been dyed before being woven into apparel. It requires careful hand weaving, as opposed to the modern machine makes. It’s that print you shook your head disappointedly at when your mom pointed it out ten years back. But, history repeats itself in fashion. A style one frowns at as a child is what they go gaga over in their youth. Ikat is no exception.

 Though, there are subtle changes in Ikat print now. For its second innings, Ikat revolves mostly around loud, boisterous geometric patterns. Triangles and diamonds are in these days. With eye-catching hues and vibrant shades, Ikat prints are to watch out for this summer.

What makes the less daring women shy away from Ikat is its very USP. That is its print. Wearing tacky prints may prove to be a challenge. Especially when you stand ten minutes in front of your wardrobe, wondering what to pair it off with. Well, no fear! Here are some ideas to effectively pull off Ikat:

  1. Go ethnic

     You simply can’t go wrong with Indian choices for an Indian fabric. It’s time to bring out those dusty leggings with an Ikat Kurti. Or, if the bottoms are Ikat print Patiala, opt for a solid shaded Kurti. Ikat Sarees are gorgeous, especially when worn with monochrome, fashionably cut blouses like the currently trending backless style. And not to forget, Ikat Anarkali! Combine them with low heeled sandals, bulky earrings, a pretty embroidered bag and you are all set.

      2.Wear it like the Duchess

    If Indian doesn’t click for you, no issues. Ikat revolution has hit the western world as well. Remember Duchess Kate Middleton’s blue Ikat wrap dress? The flowy summer dress is that one garment designers love to experiment with. Wear a short bodycon Ikat dress with a white, black or any solid shaded coat/jacket. Combined with neutral colored stilettos, rock that body off! Ikat Maxi dresses work equally well if short dresses aren’t your style. Simply wear a pair of kitten heels and grab a trendy dark clutches.

      3.keeping it casual

    Ikat is a hot topic when it comes to everyday wear as well. Got an Ikat top? If it’s a crop top, match it with a pair of high waist distressed denim and knee or ankle boots. For longer but loose tops, go for fitted plain pants or denim shorts with ankle boots. If the top’s fitted to your body shape, loose pants are the way to go. Trousers with neutral shades like cream, beige or black can make you look chic. Boyfriend jeans will do the trick as well, but remember to choose the shoes well. Complete the outfit off with a black bracelet or a digital watch and a smart sling bag or cute backpack.

      4.Bottom’ it off

    For Ikat printed bottoms choose simple tops. No talk about modern trends is over without a mention of the palazzo. So, wear that favorite Ikat print palazzo with a solid-hued, fitted button-up. Tight crop tees are better for less formal situations. If it’s an Ikat printed trouser or pants in question, top them off with off-colored plain tank tops. Don’t feel like showing off your toned body or arms? Short shirts or blouses can bring out the inner fashionista in you as well

     5.Mix and match it

    Why stick to one type when you can have the best of both worlds? Fusion wear is challenging to pull off. But done right, it can make you look like you walked right off the set. Have some fun by matching a flowing Ikat long skirt with a plain black tee. Else, wear your favorite Ikat Kurti with skinny denim jeans. Style your hair in a messy braid with a colorful tie. Shape-off the look with trendy flats or pumps.

    6.Accessorize it

    Don’t feel like being adventurous with wardrobe selection? It’s okay, you aren’t the only one! Ikat has encroached into the territory of accessories. For the women less willing to experiment, it’s perfect. Ikat printed neck pieces and jewelry can turn a boring jeans-tee combo into a rare delight! Switch up your formal or everyday look with an Ikat tote bag or scarf. Even shoes come with Ikat designs now. So, team up a short white summer dress with Ikat pumps.

    No style is impossible to pull off if you can carry it with confidence. Go wild and try out some crazy styles with your girlies. Pro tip: monochrome or neutral colors work best with Ikat. Whether it’s a cocktail party, a wedding, dates, or a girls-day-out, don’t be afraid to bring out Ikat.         




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